Essentials Adult Training Workshop (Offered at Various Parish Locations throughout the Diocese)

Youth Ministry Essentials is the title of our monthly training workshops for young adults and adults who work with adolescents in grades 6-12. The content for the program was developed through a consultative process with 15 parish youth ministry leaders and the workshops created by the Center for Ministry Development and Cultivation Ministries. This year’s Youth Ministry Essentials Course will provide participants an opportunity to develop their theological understanding of the Catholic faith as well as learn processes for planning and working with young people. The coming year’s schedule is as follows:

August 20 Relational Youth Ministry
September 3 Gathered Youth Events
October 8 Skills of Facilitation
December 10 Overview of Youth Ministry
January 14 Building a Youth Ministry Calendar
February 25 Planning Meaningful Prayer Experiences
March 17 Catholic Youth Evangelization
April 14 Developing Faith in Teens
May 5 Spirituality of the Youth Minister

The workshops will be held at the Diocesan Chancery, 985 Airway Court in Santa Rosa and St. Bernard Parish, 615 H Street in Eureka. These sites are linked as on-line classrooms that will allow simultaneous participation from two locations. Cost is $50 per person for the entire series and $10 per person per individual workshop. To register for Youth Ministry Essentials please contact us at 707-566-3343 or

Youth Ministry Professional In-Services

The Department of Youth Ministry periodically offers a professional in-service for adults working with adolescents in grades 6-12. Topics are selected in response to local and/or national trends in youth ministry and in-service speakers are among the best in the field of youth ministry today.

Youth Ministry Leaders Retreat

The Department of Youth Ministry periodically offers a retreat opportunity for young adult and adult youth ministry leaders working with adolescents in grades 6-12. This event sets aside time to focus on the spiritual growth and nourishment of ministers who spend many hours serving young people.

National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry (NCCYM)

The NCCYM is the largest adult conference for Catholic Youth Ministers in the country. It is sponsored biennially on even numbered years by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry in order to help form and transform adults ministering to youth in the Catholic church. Thousands of youth and campus ministers, religious education leaders, performers and artists and volunteers from every level come together for four days of inspiring keynotes, challenging workshops, dynamic prayer and worship, helpful networking, extensive resources, and good-hearted entertainment. Next year’s NCCYM will be held November 29-December 2, 2012 in the Diocese of Orlando, Florida. The Department of Youth Ministry will be organizing diocesan group travel arrangements. If you would like to attend, please contact us at 566-3343 or

Diocese of Hexham-Newcastle Youth Ministry Leadership Exchange

The Diocese of Hexham-Newcastle (United Kingdom) Youth Ministry Team (YMT) was established in 1995. The main purpose of YMT is to communicate the Gospel to the young using a variety of creative means. YMT gathers young adults from all over the world to live a community lifestyle for a 10-month volunteer program, which includes training in various ways of communicating the Gospel. Each team member receives full board, accommodation and monthly allowance along with training in creative evangelization such as drama, mime and effective communication.

All team members undergo training before setting out on the Schools Mission program and now we offer the opportunity to convert this training into a recognized qualification, a Certificate in Theology and Youth Ministry accredited by the University of Wales, Lampeter. The course is taught as separate modules throughout the year and includes An Introduction to the Old Testament, to the New Testament and to Theology; Worship and Liturgy; Evangelization and Mission; Ethics and Social Justice and Ecclesiology.

Team members also invest heavily in two Youth Ministry modules which are taught from both a theoretical and a practical viewpoint. For those who are not used to academic study, or are simply out of practice, the course is supported by a Study Skills module which runs concurrently throughout the year. Furthermore, the modules are taught by a diverse team of experts who are all approachable and available both in person and on-line.

If you are between 18-30 and are interested in growing in your relationship with God, learning more about your faith, learning and creating new ways of communicating the Gospel, and helping other young people in their relationship with God. E-mail to request an Application Form. For more information on the Youth Ministry Team, go to

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